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Good Practices

Good practices are the things a co‑op does that get good results. Because most co‑ops deal with common issues, often the methods that work for one can be used by others. Learning good practices from one another is bound to result in better operations, happier members and a greater sense of pride. This is the thinking behind the Good Practices section of this website.

Below, you will find a collection of success stories shared by co‑ops from across Canada. Each story looks at how a particular housing co‑op has solved a problem, or improved their operations by applying an idea or technique that worked. We hope that other co‑ops will learn from these examples and adopt the ideas of their peers in order to improve their co‑op’s operations.

Do you have a story to share? Visit our Contact Us page to share your insights into co‑op operations as a result of benchmarking your co‑op against others!

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